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The Unexplored

This campaign is episodic. It takes place in a new unexplored land to the players. Anything encountered here will have little to no continuity with most of the Forgotten Realms. it will draw from it for things here and there. It will also draw from any other thing to create our own place to place without having to follow existing lore.

Variant Rules & Options used in this game

1. Encumbrance – PHB 176

  • When you use this variant, ignore the Strength column of the Armor table in chapter 5.
  • If you carry weight in excess of 5 times your Strength score, you are encumbered, which means your speed drops by 10 feet.
  • If you carry weight in excess of 10 times your Strength score, up to your maximum carrying capacity, you are instead heavily encumbered, which means your speed drops by 20 feet and you have disadvantage on ability checks, attack rolls, and saving throws that use Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution.

2. Healing Surges – DMG 266

  • As an action, a character can use a healing surge and spend up to half his or her Hit Dice. For each Hit Die spent in this way, the player rolls the die and adds the character’s Constitution modifier. The character regains hit points equal to the total. The player can decide to spend an additional Hit Die after each roll.
  • A character who uses a healing surge can’t do so again until he or she finishes a short or long rest.
  • Under this optional rule, a character regains all spent Hit Dice at the end of a long rest. With a short rest, a character regains Hit Dice equal to his or her level divided by four (minimum of one die).

3. Rest Variant – Gritty Realism (Modified to be shorter) – DMG 267

  • This variant uses a short rest of 6 hours and a long rest of 3 days (Orig – 8hrs/7days). This puts the brakes on the campaign, requiring the players to carefully judge the benefits and drawbacks of combat. Characters can’t afford to engage in too many battles in a row, and all adventuring requires careful planning.
  • This approach encourages the characters to spend time out of the dungeon. It’s a good option for campaigns that emphasize intrigue, politics, and interactions among other NPCs, and in which combat is rare or something to be avoided rather than rushed into.
  • DM Note: This probably won’t matter too much with it being episodic. It may however mean that you may not be able to go into a battle, dump all your best spells, then come back a session or two later with all your spells. I’m going to see how this works. I may end up extending the long rest by a day or two.

4. Critical Hit & Fail Cards (for attacks only)

  • Critical Hit –
    1. You may do double damage as normal
    2. You may ask for a critical hit card to be drawn (I own the pathfinder ones). I will read what the bonus does for you.
    3. You may choose to do normal damage (non-crit/regular hit) and save a Crit Fail buffer (max 1).
  • Critical Fail – Roll a second time, If the second roll would hit the creature, the attack is a normal miss. If the second roll would miss the creature it is a full Critical Fail. If you have a Crit Fail buffer you may expend it to turn the attack into a regular crit fail (no card). If you do not wish to use your buffer or do not have one, then a Critical Fail card will be drawn for you (Warning: Some of these can be kind of brutal).

5. Character Creation – Special

  • New characters will be level 3 or the level of the lowest active existing character. – Roll for stats. As long as you don’t have 18’s across the board, you’re fine.
  • PHB – Any race and class. Also any deity in the book (including other campaign Realms)
  • Sword Coast Adventures Guide – Any race and class.
  • Elemental Evil – Any race and class.
  • Other Sources -
  1. If you want to use a custom/monster Race, find something someone built or you made that you think is reasonable, then show me and we can discuss it.
  2. No custom classes.
  3. Custom Feats may be possible, but must also be within reason.
  • Characters in session will earn full XP. Other characters will earn half. This will allow those who play more to get normal XP, and those who play less will still level, but won’t skip too many levels with little to no game interaction.

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