The Unexplored

You belong to a large guild of hundreds dedicated to exploring. It is made up of all sorts of peoples and professions making the guild self-reliant. Whether it be new area, forgotten lands, dangerous area not lightly tread, or first handed creating detailed maps you are at your best when out and about. Your guilds maps are unrivaled and is known for recovering ancient secrets.

Fall from Greatness

And thus, that is how to came to be where you now reside. It was to be your greatest discovery yet. The delve into caverns hidden from times untold. The way was wrought with danger and required the entire guilds participation. You found the The Lost City of Gold. The guild explored the city and soon the puzzle of it’s heart was unlocked. It was a beauty to rival all others. It could not be only marveled, it had to be recovered so it would not be left to gather dust once again. Upon the attempted removal an undetected trap was sprung. Every creature in the city was teleported away.

The entire guild, as a whole, was transported to this new place. You stood in the ruins of a city. The crumbled remains of walls around you, remnants of a place that has been forgotten. It is a port city with sewers and caverns below. You know of no such city from the place which you came. For an unknown reason no magic is able to determine your location nor will magic allow you to travel away. A ship may be possible, but you are far from means of creating one at this time.

From nothing, to rise again

The Guild Master Roland Hawthorne has deemed this to be our new base of operations. We shall reconstruct the city and port to make this place our own. As is our way, we will explore and discover the new land we now reside. We will of course search for a way back home, but if this is to be our place we will again make a name for ourselves. For now we focus on hunting and setting up basic farming in the immediate area. Few buildings are built and more are being constructed. We must first look to our survival. Those who have the professions to do so will aid in the construction. Those with only exploration and combat capabilities will be sent out to start doing what we do best.

The Unexplored

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